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The wig is becoming more and more common in recent years. Technological advances are so incredible that it is difficult to determine the difference between a high quality synthetic wig and a human hair wig. The cap construction is the basic material of the wig. It is attached to the hair in order to create the wig. The cap structure is lighter, more durable and looks more natural. It is important to consider the cap structure when choosing a wig. Each cap construction has its own specific method to attach the wig and its own set of advantage.


100% HAND-TIED>>
  • Creates the most natural movement as each hair moves freely
  • Each hair on the entire cap is hand-tied onto the base
  • The softest and most comfortable cap, it's ideal for a sensitive scalp & hair loss
  • Allows for styling versatility as you can comb the hair in any direction
  • Also known as 100% hand-knotted
  • Creates the illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp where the hair is parted
  • Each hair is individually hand-tied to a sheer base (but not entire cap)
  • Can be found just at the crown, along a pre-defined part or across the full top
  • A full mono top allows for parting & styling versatility
  • A double mono has an extra layer of soft material for added comfort
  • Creates the illusion of a natural-looking front hairline
  • Each hair is individually hand-tied to a section of sheer lace (but not entire cap)
  • Allows for styling hair away from the face
  • Most are ready-to-wear & temple-to-temple
  • Made with a delicate material that should be handled with care
  • Includes both capless and traditional constructions
  • Most durable & affordable
  • Most or all of the cap has open wefting for better air ventilation
  • Often gives the hair a naturasl lift with built-in volume at the crown
  • Hair is pre-teased at the root to help mask the cap beneath



100% Hand Tied construction - light, cool and comfortable hand-knotted base allows for natural looking movement & natural growth. Made of a lightweight mesh, gives you an undetectable look with limitless styling options. If you want the entire cap to be hand-tied, make sure to look for 100% hand tied!


Monofilament caps offer a very natural look with parting versatility. The mesh material gives the illusion of hair growth from the scalp and allows for individual, hand-tied hair. As a result, hair can be parted and combed in different directions. Monofilament wigs can be monofilament at the part, crown or entire top of wig. The best feature of a Monofilament wig cap, allows multi-directional parting while providing the appearance of natural growth and superior comfort.


Lace front wigs mimic a natural hairline, and the hairs are hand tied one by one onto a virtually invisible lace front base, creating a natural looking hairline, the only choice for natural off-the-face styling. Choose one of our Lace Front wig styles for the most natural off-the-face styling!


Capless wigs allow your head to stay cooler than solid capped wigs. This is due to the fact that it is made with less hair and the specific capless construction allows for some air flow to the head and scalp. Earlier in wig construction, they were made without adjustable straps, they were much hotter and they only came in one size.


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